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The Interview

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Kade thinks he has what it takes to work at as a security guard, so we asked marvelous, 6 foot tall Annette to stop by to help out in his interview. It didn’t take long for him to realize that he is sorely lacking in experience, but Annette is quick to illustrate some basics.

After humiliating him and roughing him up the tall German chick pie strips him down and puts her strap on up his ass, all the while cursing him out in her thick, pretty accent. Finally he admits the real reason he is applying, to fuck porn stars, and she gives him a little bit more of this than he bargained for.

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Starring Sandra Romain, Lefty

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Sandra’s verbal humiliation is first rate, and today she has ‘lefty’ eating out of her hand and begging for more. Mistress Sandra’s tight latex, tall boots and bitchy demeanor accent lefty’s painful screams as he is fucked in the ass with a cock on a stick. As usual his hard rod gets him in more trouble, and he is soon in a predicament that has his nuts tied tightly to a weighted line. The more weight he takes, the closer Mistress’s mouth and delicious pussy get to his straining penis.

Sufficient begging, pleading and pain get lefty in a situation where Mistress can make good use of his hard ramrod and dildo-gagged face, and she makes short work of getting off and milking his dong of every ounce of sperm.

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Starring Isis Love, Johnny Law

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Isis turns the tables on this pushy office executive when his condescending attitude gets out of hand. She quickly teaches him the meaning of the word humility when she ties him up, beats him and fucks him in the ass. She gets off on her bosses face jammed in her ass and slit, and finally takes her fill of his miserable knob before forcing him to sign off on raises for all the females in the company.

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Submissive Fellow Gets A Tough And Painful Ass Whipping From Three Shemale Dominatrix

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This boy gets his ass whooped out in the woods… and he’s getting it from three evil and domineering trannies! Check out this dude as he gets butt naked and hog tied while three naughty shemale mistresses in shiny and kinky leather outfits flogs his whole body! They even take turns in fucking his hungry mouth and tight ass with their strong and raging hard she-cocks! Download the whole movie inside Transsexual Punishers, and see more hardcore bondage action featuring domineering trannies with really large cocks!

Be Careful What You Wish For

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Jason requested Miss Adams by name. Within seconds this kitten spots a weakness and slices into it. The flashes of his anger amuse her. This babe pushes harder. The last time he speaks out of turn, a vicious clamp on the tongue commands him into silence. She is unmerciful but fair. ‘Do you aspire to obedience?Then suffer, fucker.’

Later, as he twists in her rope, she taunts him. This girl dares him to speak. He remembers the pain and focuses. She attacks his pride and dignity. This babe brings the fight to him. He battles the pain and rage in his own head, desperately trying to hold on.

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Born Male

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He’s a good guy except for the fact he was born male. And that is enough reason for Mistress Harmony to come out and play. After a fierce whipping on the rusty box spring to put him in his place, Harmony ties his nuts to a leash and spreads her legs, amused watching him nearly rip his balls off trying to get to her vagina. Always hungry for sex, she uses the boy’s otherwise useless weenie then makes him lick the come off her hot cunt.

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