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Another Day at the Office

Posted on December 28th, 2010 in femdom | No Comments »

When a nice-looking but bitchy intern gets a lousy work review from her stuffy supervisor, she decides to visit his office in her hottest short skirt and thigh highs. She attempts to seduce him into re-grading her review, but when he refuses her solicitous advances her demeanor turns from sensuous to sadistic.

Bobbi Starr’s pretty ass is licked, kissed and worshiped, her delicious pussy is nailed to satisfaction, and her boss is left with a reamed and stretched asshole from a hard cock on a stick butt fucking, and a pain hangover that makes him wish he’d just called in sick that day.

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Two Mean Bitches and One Worthless Little Prick

Posted on December 7th, 2010 in femdom | No Comments »

Lefty thought he was a lucky fucker when Samantha Sin walked onto the set to team up with Cassandra Cruz, but these two mean bitches were not impressed with our boy’s worthless little prick. Cruelty comes in twos for Lefty and despite his straining hard dick and best efforts, he just gets fucked over as he struggles to please these demanding women. Clothespins, dick sucking, huge ball weights, dildo gags, whips and a strap on up his ass as he tries to eat Samantha’s hot love tunnel are his reward.

They laugh at him and abuse his worthless ass for sporting such a tiny prick, then they tease him and use him by fucking his face with their pussies and taking their fill of his pathetic sausage in their hungry love buds.

In the end, as the chicks orgasm by themselves and hold Lefty down at the end of a leash, it is clear that they are just not into him and his tiny little prick.

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Bad, bad boy

Posted on December 1st, 2010 in femdom | No Comments »

What happens when a pretty but demanding young wife comes home to find water stains on her grandmother’s antique coffee table after warning her new husband about sneaking his buddies over for poker games while she is at work?

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