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Educating a Bitchboy: Episode 5″Ultimate Denial”

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Divine Bitch: Maitresse Madeline
Slave: Jason Miller
Lead Slave: Kade

It’s judgment day! Jason Miller has made it to the top. He’s endured 4 days of training with 4 different Divine Bitches and now faces his biggest challenge yet, Queen Bee; Maitresse Madeline. In this very intense and very real shoot you see Jason FINALLY fully submit. He’s heavily caned, heavily flogged, his ramrod is locked up and tortured. He’s brutally strap-on nailed in the assin a humiliating pile driver position. Jason is bound up, locked in chastity and teased and denied while Maitresse’s vagina juice drips in his mouth as this hottie uses her lead slave’s face for a sextoy gag. Even after all his training Jason still humps the air and begs for release. He can’t help himself. Does he get it or will Madeline tease and ultimately deny him forever?

Maitresse’s Evaluation


  1. trust
    rely on the integrity and strength of the domme
  2. submit
    fully yield all control to the domme
  3. pride
    positive emotion resulting from submission

Closing assessment

  • fully submitted
  • prideful sub
  • shall remain a chastity slave
  • finally understood his reasoning for being here

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The Good Mistress

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Guy enough for an electrified catheter in the urethra? How about a chubby strap-on in the ass with sadistic Miss Adams at the wheel? Not sure? Maybe the Good Mistress’s unmerciful suspension bondage will tip the scales. Nomad made it though, albeit a bit shaken by the whole thing. You really should check this out.

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Double Fisted

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Claire Adams completely dominates this update with full condom confinement, insane anal penetration, double ass fisting and a fully mummified, inverted bondage suspension. This is crazy.

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The Fucking Machine

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Princess and Stigma

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Mean Bitch

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The mail is late for the last time. Nice-looking Aiden starr brings her vicous personality and gorgeous milk sacks to the mail room to get to the bottom of things.

Sz is new, but not new to sucking up to the boss. When she beats his ass with a huge wooden paddle, it looks like he is going to loose it. But, the anticipation of the pretty dominatrix banging his ass with her strap-on keeps him in the game long enough to satisfy the hot, demanding wench.

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